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Catholic Young Adult Sports (CYAS) - About Us

CYAS started in the Spring of 2010 as an idea inspired by a similar group called KC Catholic Challenge Sports. The founder/President, Paul Spotts, saw the need in the Denver young adult community for events that would provide a means for young adults  to socialize in a non-threatening (open to all regardless of religious creed) and fun environment that was something between the bar life and the Church life. A friend suggested that he start a recreational sports program and he realized that this could work as a means to help Catholics become more open to the many people outside of the Catholic social sphere and create an environment for those who aren't Catholic to feel more comfortable and welcomed around young Catholic peers.

The commonly stated average longevity of a young adult ministry is 18 months (meaning they fail by this time). This is why from the beginning CYAS has had full-time missionaries that fundraise their salaries, to ensure it's longevity. He knew that if he did not give it all he had, money, time and effort, then it would likely fall apart as soon as he got engaged, a demanding job, a transfer/promotion, or some other commitment took him away from volunteering. This has proved fruitful now that we have passed the 18 month milestone and are beginning to plan and act on expansion outside of Denver. 

We hope you find that through CYAS you grow in friendships with people you may not normally associate with in your current social network. We also hope you  learn to love your neighbor better by engaging in competitive and non-competitive activities that foster character, virtue, and good sportsmanship for all people, Catholic and non-Catholics, 18-39 years of age and thus build deeper unity and christ based fellowship in the Catholic young adult community.