CYAS Basketball Rules

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League communications will happen via email to captains (captains please contact your teams).

In the event of inclement weather we will post to our Facebook Group any cancellations/changes.


Any rules not explicitly stated here will be governed by the IAABO rule book.




Sportsmanship is required in this league. Such as:

       The officials are volunteers that give time to make your game more enjoyable; please thank them after every game for offering their time! We encourage you to buy them food/drinks after the games (it doubtfully will help you on the field, but can’t hurt).

       All games are in the hands of the officials. Any questions/discussions about the rule interpretations should go through the team captain.

       Pray before and after games (optional if not Catholic), and shake hands after games

       Be conscious of who you are guarding so as to avoid injury

       Go out to the socials and comingle with other teams

       Encourage and engage players that are not as athletic/skilled, these are rec. leagues!

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from games or the league. This includes:

       Recruiting stacked teams (in casual leagues) & running up the score

       foul language (including the Lord’s name taken in vain), racial slurs and verbal abuse

       unnecessary roughness and/or physical abuse

       acting out of anger, including throwing equipment or personal items

       arguing with officials, staff, participants, or fans

       abuse of the honor system

       show good sportsmanship whether victory or defeat

       Respect the integrity and judgment of CYAS representatives and be responsible for your own actions

       Failure to provide volunteer referees where assigned

Sportsmanship Score:


      The Sportsmanship Score will be added into the league standings.  The end of the season tournament standings are determined on the point system that a win is worth 6 points, a tie is worth 3 points, and a loss is worth 0 points.  With the sportsmanship score, during each game, every team is able to receive a maximum of 10 points.

      Sportsmanship Policy:  Teams will be given sportsmanship score by the officials after each game.  The scores are as followed:

    4 - Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship – Players cooperate fully with the officials and the opposing team’s members.  The captain calmly converses with officials about rule interpretations and calls.  The captain also has full control of his/her teammates.

    3 – Good Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissension, which may or may not merit a technical foul.  Teams that receive 1 severe behavioral penalty will receive no higher than a 3.0 rating

    2 - Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team, which may or may not merit a technical foul.  Captain exhibits minor control over his/her teammates, but is in control of himself/herself.  Teams receiving multiple technical fouls will receive no higher than a 2.0 rating.

    1 – Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship – Teams constantly comment to the officials and/or the opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates and/or himself/herself.  A team which receives an ejection can receive no higher than a 1.0 rating.

    0 – Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship – Team is completely uncooperative.  Captain has no control over teammates, and/or himself/herself.  Any team causing a game to be forfeited, other than by not showing, or receives multiple ejections shall receive a 0.0 rating.

      A team that receives a 0.0 rating must have their captain meet with a CYAS representative before they are eligible to play their next contest.

      A team winning a contest by Forfeit or Honest Effort Forfeit will receive a 4.0 rating

Team Substitutions- If a team does not have enough players to field a team, they may get a substitute:

Officiating & Team Volunteer Referees

      In order to exhibit respect for the spirit of the game and fellow players, protesting after a call is not allowed. Captains are encouraged to email the commissioner and/or CYAS staff after the games to voice complaints/suggestions with courtesy.

      Captains are the only people able to discuss calls with the refs.  Please remember that there is a difference between discussion and arguing.  Arguing will result in a technical foul, but discussion or seeking explanation is okay.

      Officials have the right to eject a player from a game with or without warning for unsportsmanlike behavior, including complaining, arguing, vulgar language or any other unsportsmanlike conduct. 

      All teams will be designated to provide volunteers throughout the season for specified games. (The volunteer schedule will be provided with the game schedule). Teams shall provide one (1) scorekeeper and one (1) timekeeper averaging every other week.

      Volunteers must attend the game before they volunteer to familiarize themselves with scorekeeping/timekeeping duties. A game they play in does not count. Failure to provide the volunteer and/or make arrangements for a substitute will result in a 0 sportsmanship rating for your team’s previous/next game.



Uniform and equipment:

      Each team shall have on the same colored uniforms, they must have numbers on the back (0-5, 10-15, etc.) and no two players can have the same number on a team (tape or marker is okay when necessary)

      Basketball shoes or athletic shoes shall be worn by all players. Black soled shoes that mark the court are illegal and the player will not be allowed to play until proper gym shoes are worn

      Jewelry must be removed or taped (for bracelets, rings, earrings) prior to participation. Players on the court with illegal uniform/jewelry will be assessed a technical foul (2 shots and the ball).

      ALL articles not part of the uniform must be removed such as towels, baseball caps, etc. Equipment used to hold or tie the hair must be soft.  No hard barrettes, combs, etc. will be permitted.

      A men’s size basketball will be used for all games, teams may use their own ball if approved by the officials and other team’s captain. CYAS will have balls for use on site

      Ref equipment will be provided

      Shirts/Jerseys must be tucked in

      No cargo shorts. PLEASE WEAR ATHLETIC SHORTS OR PANTS without pockets to help avoid injuries.

      No food is allowed in the gym. Water is allowed in re-sealable bottles.

Start of the Game, Number of Players, Coed-Rules

      The officials watch will be the timepiece used to decide game time. There will be a five (5) minute grace period for teams unprepared to play, but one (1) point will be deducted from their sportsmanship score. After 5 minutes the unprepared team will lose a game point for every minute of waiting for players, up to 10 minutes total at which point the unprepared team will take a forfeit.

      Five (5) players shall constitute a team, two (2) minimum of either gender in the casual division and one (1) minimum for competitive divisions.  Four (4) players is the minimum for a game to start

      The game begins with a jump ball.  Team possession will alternate on each jump ball situation following the first jump ball.

In Game Substitutions

      A substitute who desires to enter the game shall report to the scorer’s table. The substitute shall remain outside the boundary until an official acknowledges the substitute and beckons him/her onto the court. 

      Substitutions may be made in dead ball situations only. If players enter or exit the game without the permission of the official, the team will receive a bench technical foul.

Game Time, Play Clock and Time Outs

      The game shall consist of two - 20 minute halves.  Halftime shall be 3 minutes long.

      The clock will not stop, except for time-outs, injuries, and technical fouls during the first 37 minutes of the game.

      Each team is entitled to two 30-second timeouts per half.

      Timeouts may be called by any player in possession of the ball and on the court.

      The clock shall be started when the ball is touched by a player on the court.

      MERCY RULE: If there is a 16 or greater point difference the clock will run for the last 3 minutes of the game, otherwise it will stop on every whistle.

Free Throws

      During a free throw only 5 players (3 defensive and 2 offensive players) may occupy the lane spaces including the shooter.

      The free throw awarded because of a technical foul may be attempted by any player of the offended team.

      If the ball does not touch the rim during the free throw it becomes a dead ball for the team not shooting the free throw.

Tie and Overtime Games

      If the score is tied at the end of regulation during regular season the game will end in a tie.

      During playoffs the game will go into overtime. Play shall continue without change of baskets.

      Overtime shall begin with a jump ball.

      The length of overtime shall be three (3) minutes stopped time, If still tied after one 3 minute period, one extra period will be played.  If it is still tied at this point the next team to score will win.

      Each team will receive one (1) timeout for overtime.  Timeouts from regular game time will not carry over to overtime.

Out-of-Bounds and Throw-ins

      After a successful or awarded goal, the team not credited with the score shall make the throw-in from behind the endline where the goal was scored.  Any player of the team may make a direct throw-in or he/she may pass the ball along the endline to a teammate behind the endline who then in-bounds the ball.

      After a technical foul or intentional foul, any player of the team to whom the free throw has been awarded shall make the throw-in from out-of-bounds at the half-court line.

Violations and Penalties

Free throws

    If violation is by the free thrower or his/her teammate only, no point can be scored by that throw.

    If violation is by the free thrower's opponent only, free throw is still attempted: if the try is successful, the goal counts and the violation is disregarded; if it is not successful, a substitute throw shall be attempted by the same thrower.

    If the ball does not touch the rim for a free-throw, the ball is given as a throw-in to the opposing team.


    The thrower-in shall not:

                                            Leave the designated throw-in spot (two-step limit).

                                            EXCEPTION:  After a successful field goal or awarded score.

                                            Consume more than five seconds from the time the throw-in starts until it touches or is touched by a player on the court.


    A player shall not remain for more than three seconds in his/her own free throw lane (bot feet) while the ball is in control of the player's team in his/her own front court.  Allowance shall be made for a player who, having been in the restricted area for less than three seconds, dribbles or moves in to try for a goal.  If the player passes off after the dribble it is a violation.  Time restarts at any possession change or shot.


    A player shall not excessively swing his/her arms or elbows, even though there is no contact with an opponent.  If swinging results in contact with an opponent, it is of course, a personal foul regardless of the force with which the arms and elbows are swung.

      Closely Guarded

    It is a violation for a closely guarded player (opponent defending him/her within five feet) anywhere in his/her front court to hold the ball for five seconds.


      There will be NO DUNKING or RIM GRABBING allowed at any point including warm-ups. Technical Fouls shall be assessed to players violating this policy.


Fouls and Penalties:

      Personal Fouls

    A player who screens shall not:

                                            When behind a stationary opponent, take a position closer than a normal step from him/her.

                                            When he/she assumes a position at the side or in front of a stationary opponent, initiate contact with him/her.

                                            After assuming his/her legal screening position the player cannot move to maintain it.

                                            NOTE: The speed of the player to be screened will determine where the screener may take his/her stationary position. This position will vary and may be one to two normal steps or strides from the opponent.

    Defensive player:

                                            A defensive player may occupy a space anywhere on the court as long as he/she is there stationed prior the offensive player. This includes space underneath the basket. Offensive players must avoid contact with the defensive player.

      PENALTY for any personal fouls:

    Offender is charged with one foul and if it is the player's fifth personal foul, or if it is flagrant, the offender is disqualified.

             Bonus free throws for each common foul (except player control) beginning with a team's seventh personal foul in each half, provided the first attempt is successful. ("One-and-One"). Ten team fouls will result in 2 free throws.

Technical Fouls

      Teams shall not:

    Have more than five players participating simultaneously.

    Be granted excessive timeouts without penalty.

    A substitute shall not enter the court:

                                            Without being beckoned by an official. (Repeated offense)

                                            Without his/her name appearing on the score sheet.



    All technical fouls count toward a player's five fouls for disqualification and toward team fouls in reaching bonus free-throw situations.

    A flagrant or intentional foul is treated as a technical foul.

    The second technical foul called on any one person during a game will result in disqualification from the game and at least the next scheduled game.  The offender must also leave the gymnasium.

    Any individual who commits four technical fouls during the season will be suspended indefinitely. They will then need to submit a letter to CYAS requesting to be reinstated and explaining why they should be allowed to continue.

    Any team (which includes their fans) which commits three technical fouls in the same game shall immediately lose, receive a 0 sportsmanship, and be required to leave the gym.

    Any team (including spectators) which commits five technical fouls during the season will be dropped from the league.